Along with following the current SEO strategies, consider certain tips to keep your visitors engaged and stay on your website longer.

In this digital age, you will succeed as a digital marketer or as a business owner, only if your web visitors return to your website. Retaining visitors increases the chance to improve conversion rate, which grows your business and sales.

The time visitors spend on your website can be measured by checking page views, click through rates and form submissions

Here’s how you can make visitors stay longer in your site –

Focus on your target audience

Understand who your target audience is and personalize your website accordingly. For instance, if you are a plastic surgeon, make sure that your site highlights all the procedures prospective patients will be looking for.

To improve the user experience of your visitors –

  • Include customized landing pages
  • Showcase products based on user behavior and seasonal events
  • Highlight what’s new in your services

Go for attractive web design

Redesign your website design for a pleasant reading experience for the users.

  • Choose simple background in a light color
  • Never stuff content in your site 
  • Use easy to read font and style

Keep it mobile friendly

More and more people are now using mobile devices to browse. Having a responsive website can streamline your visitor’s experience when viewing the website.

While making your site mobile friendly –

  • Don’t use flash in your mobile site
  • Make your menu button sizes large enough
  • Compress image and CSS
  • Write concise and readable content with headers/callouts

Provide more informative content

Whether you are writing a blog post, article, press release, newsletter or any sort of content, make sure that the information you provide is relevant and plagiarism free.

In your content –

  • Provide catchy titles, headlines
  • Do not clutter paragraphs, keep it simple
  • Use bullet points wherever necessary
  • Use short and clear sentences

Improve web page speed and loading time

It is critical to optimize your website’s speed, as it impacts how long your visitors stay on your site. Visitors need not be patient enough to wait till your site loads.

  • Remove unnecessary plug-ins
  • Avoid heavy images and graphics
  • Optimize caches in web pages
  • Compress too large images
  • Maximize server response time
  • Try avoiding image sliders

Provide internal links within the content

Internal links can take your readers to further pages and visitors can get deeper into the website. Such links can improve page views and make users stay longer in your site.

While adding internal links –

  • Use compelling, keyword-rich anchor text
  • Link to relevant blog posts, pages or articles
  • Do not over do, just add only reasonable number of links

Also consider adding a strong and attractive call to action (CTA) in all the web pages. This encourages the reader to take a specific action.

Hope these tips help to retain your visitors in your website for a long time.