For digital marketers considering email marketing strategy, finding email addresses is a time consuming task.  Check out how to make it easy.

Are you one among the digital marketers, who’s wondering if email is still a worthwhile marketing strategy? If yes, let us check out how important email marketing is even today. Email marketing is still one of the most effective as well as cost effective ways for most businesses to stay connected with their customers, build trustworthiness, boost brand recognition, and thus increase sales and improve productivity.  

Check out these stats from HubSpot.

However, a large email list is critical to succeed in this marketing strategy.

So, how can you collect email addresses to enlarge your list?

Just ask for email id

This is the direct way to collect email addresses. While contacting customers either via phone or in person, check whether they would like to signup for your newsletter. Show them samples of your newsletter content. You can also consider contacting those active on a social media site and sending them a message. If your services are of interest to them, they would likely let you know their email address.

Design an attractive contact form

Make sure that each page of your site has a contact form that makes it easy for the customers to signup. Also consider using a popup to collect contact emails. Of the many types o pop ups available, check which one works the best for you. For instance, lightbox popups are very easy for users to subscribe to your emails.

Use customer’s checkout

Customers who check in will be interested in your brand. While customers are checking out from your site, you can check with them whether they would like to get updates about your products or services. Such customers are more likely to subscribe, as they already have submitted their billing details to buy your product.

Check the About Us page

Make sure to check the “About Us” or “Meet Our Staff” page of your contact’s company website. Most professional website will include their staff details here. Often a brief bio of the team along with contact details will be included in this page. Just check it out.

Use Facebook ads

Facebook Lead ads is an ideal option as, these ads make it easy for your customers and potential customers to connect with your brand. When a person clicks on your lead ad, a form will appear that’s already filled with the contact details they’ve opted to share on Facebook, such as their name and email address. You just have to download the form from your page.

Hope this helps to build your email list and thus succeed in your email marketing campaign.